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Every MONDAY at 5PM


Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered ministry helping people recover from their hurts, hang-ups, and habits. When we are hurt, we get hung up on things like anger, a loss of self-confidence, fear, low self-esteem, isolation, or codependency. Sometimes, these hang-ups lead to habits like using porn, shopping, gambling, food, drugs, or alcohol to ease our pain.


The good news is that Jesus Christ is our one and only true Higher Power. We celebrate our recovery from our hurts, hang-ups, and habits because we are offered HOPE and HEALING by the saving grace of His love.


We grow spiritually as we are freed from those bonds to experience peace, serenity, joy, and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with our loving and forgiving Father, Jesus Christ. 

As of September 2020, The King's House is proud to host a Celebrate Recovery Ministry!



I came to CR to work on my issues of codependency from a bitter divorce and protracted custody battle, but little did I know just how powerful CR would prove to be! God revealed other underlying issues to me, which He began to heal during a step study, helping me to become a better person, mother, and teacher. 



CR showed me how to live a  better life through Jesus Christ. It gave me a pathway toward healing, and forever spiritual family. Through the step program, I have found a better me, and my marriage is the best it's

been in 15 years.



God set me free from guilt and shame from my messy past through Celebrate Recovery.  I am so full of hope and excitement for me and my son's future.



Working on our own struggles has made our marriage so much stronger. We can't wait to help bring others to Christ through Celebrate Recovery.

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