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Lynda Faught has a Masters Degree in Pastoral Psychology with Integrity Seminary of Red Oak, Texas.  Faught is also a licensed Belief Therapist, and continues to cross educate herself through the Thereupon Institute of Marrero, Louisiana. 


She has been married for forty-one years to Billy Faught, Jr. and is a proud mother to four daughters and one son.  She is a grandmother to four grandsons and one granddaughter.  Together with her family, Faught has been a pastor, principal, counselor, missionary, and conference speaker.


Faught’s personal and professional experience has taken her to a host of nations: Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Philippines, Kenya, and the Republic of Burundi-teaching peace and reconciliation among the different people groups; all the while, educating church leadership basic counseling aides.  


While Faught is qualified to counsel in many different fields of therapy, Faught works specifically within the shifts of family structure: Premarital and After Marriage Counseling; as well as, Child and Teen Symptoms, plus Crisis and Trauma Issues.3

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Finding ourselves in a “broken” marriage was devastating. We didn’t know where to turn, or who to turn to. We were referred to Lynda and Bill by a friend and that was the beginning of our new life! They gave us the tools needed to make our marriage work and taught us how to have a marriage centered around God! I truly believe God saved our marriage through Lynda and Bill!!


Lynda Faught is such a kind, gracious, passionate person and counselor! She is confident in her ministry as a counselor, and it’s not hard for her to tell you what she sees in your life. She will always deliver it in such a kind, compassionate way that makes you feel valued and seen. What a great support system to have in your life!! She helped both of us find ways to better ourselves so that we can better our marriage.


I was in a place of constant chaos in my head,   emotions, and  life. Lynda and I connected immediately. By my second session, I felt like I was talking to a friend. She always came in with purpose -scriptures and tools to help me before our session ever started, which always went right along with my moment. When Rodney and I started counseling with her and Bill, we never left feeling like we wasted our time. Instead, we always came out with more tools and understanding for ourselves, each other, and our relationship. Without those times, we would not be together today.

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